Inaugural Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit

On September 22-23, 2012, Primary Care Progress (PCP) held the inaugural Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit. The leadership summit honors Gregg who was a founding member of PCP.  Gregg's commitment to improved leadership practices and the value he placed on community building and teamwork provide the core framework for PCP’s grassroots advocacy efforts.  Working with both individuals and teams, Gregg designed his assessments, feedback, and coaching to ensure that leaders not only gained a greater perspective on their leadership strengths and development areas, but also were provided with concrete ways of leading more effectively.  Summit participants focused on strategic advocacy, team-building and interpersonal engagement--leadership skills that are critical for anyone committed to primary care clinical innovation or education reform.  

On the first page of the leadership summit program, PCP stated that Gregg's "commitment to learning and self-improvement remains an inspiration to colleagues, clients, and friends.  By emphasizing the importance of self-reflection for improved leadership capacities and outcomes, the Summit proudly honors the work and memory of Dr. Stracks."

To learn more about the Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit and Primary Care Progress, click here.

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