Gregg Stracks Award for Leadership in Primary Care

Anyone who knew Gregg knows what an incredible talent he had for relating to people and bringing out the best in each individual. As a management psychologist, he had a deep optimism for the potential of others and worked tirelessly to spotlight and draw out skills and strengths in interpersonal connection, effective communication, problem-solving, and leadership. 
With his heart close to the medical field, one of the spaces in which Gregg worked hard to develop leadership was primary care. Gregg believed in Primary Care Progress’ (PCP’s) mission and, from the beginning of the organization, helped build the foundation of PCP’s successful leadership training. Now in its fourth year, PCP has continued to build on Gregg’s legacy and supports a growing network of over 42 interprofessional, student-led primary care advocacy chapters.  These chapters from around the nation are harnessing these unique leadership skills and advocacy approaches to advance primary care in academic settings and beyond. 
The 3rd Annual Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit is a unique opportunity to showcase best practices in primary care leadership. Bringing together leaders from PCP chapters as well as a mix of other nationally renowned primary care innovators and advocates, the summit provides participants with two days of intense training and coaching in effective communication and media, team-building, change management and strategic advocacy for primary care. Few of these skills are currently taught in health professional training programs, yet they’re essential if we are serious about saving primary care.  These skills were essential to Gregg, what he taught us, and the legacy he leaves.

This year, PCP is proud to announce the new Gregg Stracks Award for Leadership in Primary Care. The Award will honor a member of the PCP leadership team who has shown exemplary leadership in building teams to advance primary care and who embodies the important qualities Gregg modeled.

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